Tuesday was a very sad day. We had yet another reminder that hate knows no borders, and that antisemitism, domestic terrorism, and gun violence threaten from all corners. Two assailants, at least one of which was affiliated with a recognized antisemitic hate group, gunned down six innocent people in a Kosher supermarket in Jersey City, New Jersey. Brave police officers risked their lives to stop the cowardly perpetrators of this hateful act of terror, and one heroic officer, Detective Joe Seals, a 15-year law enforcement veteran and a father of five, gave his life.

My grandparents survived the Holocaust. Their parents, siblings, grandparents were murdered for the crime of being Jewish. America took them in. We cannot backslide on America’s promise. We must keep our lamp lifted to the oppressed, and shine our light on the darkest corners of hate that attempt to encroach upon our freedom and the free exercise of our faith. We must continue our vigilance against antisemitism and antisemitic violence, along with all other hate and forms of domestic terror.

I fought hard as a federal prosecutor to protect Americans from the scourge of gun-related and other forms of violence and oppression, and I will do the same in Congress.

Thank you,

Adam P. Schleifer

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