I’ve been talking a lot these past few months about my commitment to protecting every person’s opportunity to pursue their unique version of the American Dream. Today, I want to share more with you about my life and the people who inspired and continue to inspire me in that commitment.

Please WATCH AND SHARE our first campaign video, which tells some of that story, and explains the core of our shared commitment to repairing the world.

In this video, you will meet three of my inspirations: my grandfather, Rubin Partel, a Holocaust survivor who risked his life to save others and rebuilt a life and a family in this great country; my mother, Harriet Schleifer, who has fought tirelessly to make sure everyone gets a fair shake; and my brother, David Schleifer, a very special young man with special needs who taught me how to be an advocate from the age of five. You’ll see how their courage and determination has been a constant inspiration in my life.

From their example, I learned to stand up for others, taking on predatory payday and subprime auto lenders as a consumer-protection regulator for the New York State Department of Financial Services and then taking down bullies, fraudsters, and cheats as an Assistant U.S. Attorney. In both roles, I was honored to stand up for the vulnerable and ensure that every person gets their fair opportunity to pursue their dreams.

From the threats of gun violence and the recent shadow of antisemitic hate and domestic terror; to the planetary danger of climate change; to the need to ensure that everyone has access to quality affordable healthcare; to the erosion of our institutions wrought by the Bully and Fraudster-in-Chief in the White House, we have our work cut out for us. My family’s example, along with my pragmatic, creative, bipartisan work on both the state and federal level imbue me with the faith that we can meet these challenges and repair the world.

That is the legacy of Congresswoman Nita Lowey. That is the opportunity we hope to protect and expand on behalf of the hardworking people of Westchester and Rockland. And that is the message we’re hoping you’ll help us share.

We hope you watch our story today and encourage others to follow, connect, and contribute.

I’m so grateful to have you with me on this journey,


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