We continue to struggle harder and suffer more each day from a pandemic unprecedented in our lifetimes. Each day feels like a week, and this past week has felt like a month. While time dilates, the world seems to shrink, physically, socially, and economically. Nevertheless, there is cause for hope. We are realizing, although we may be physically apart, we’re also all a part of the same broad fabric. And we are discovering insights into pragmatic policy leadership that will help us both overcome COVID-19 and also repair our broken world in so many other ways.  As this pandemic brings hardship, it also presents opportunities for growth.

New Yorkers have witnessed an object lesson in leadership by Gov.Andrew Cuomo this past week.  Our state has taken thoughtful, swift action but remained agile enough to react as facts clarified or changed.  This is the essence of good leadership in times of crisis, and the basis of good policy in all others.

Meanwhile, throughout Westchester and Rockland Counties, hardworking government and nonprofit heroes have worked tirelessly to protect and empower the most vulnerable in our communities. Their cohesive efforts, which we should all do our best to support however we are able, also set an example for us to live by going forward.

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