Evelyn Farkas Aligned Super PAC Enters Congressional Race with Tens of Thousands of Dollars for Negative Advertising

Farkas Campaign is the First in Multi-Candidate Field to Go Negative; Was Called Out by Fellow Candidate for Orchestrating “Cheap Shots” Earlier This Week

Peekskill Democratic Chairwoman Drew Claxton: “Democrats Need to Come Together to Defeat Trump Not Use Super PAC Money to Attack Democrats.”

The Schleifer campaign called out Evelyn Farkas today for being the first campaign in the race to go negative after it was revealed by the FEC that a Super PAC was launching tens of thousands of dollars in negative attack ads against Adam Schleifer. The Farkas campaign, whose contributors are a who’s who of Beltway insiders, lobbyists, and defense industry contractors is the first campaign to go negative in the race. Just this week she was called out by another candidate for orchestrating a “cheap shot” against Schleifer.

“Evelyn Farkas is everything that’s wrong with Washington. Her campaign contributors are a who’s who of the military-industrial complex, K-Street lobbyists, and those who profiteer off of war – it’s why she has even generated support for her campaign from architects of the Iraq War in the Bush administration,” said Schleifer campaign manager Ilana Maier. “Evelyn Farkas is everything the special interests want in a member of Congress and she is deftly schooled in the art of dirty Washington politics.”

The FEC reported on Tuesday night that a super PAC that has been spending money bolstering the Farkas campaign was about to launch tens of thousands of dollars in attack ads in opposition to Schleifer. The group has already spent thousands of dollars seeking to bolster Farkas’s campaign.

“Democrats need to come together to defeat Donald Trump, not use super PACs to attack fellow Democrats,” said Peekskill Democratic Party Chairman Drew Claxton. “I am highly disappointed in the way Evelyn Farkas is conducting her campaign.”

“I would urge Ms. Farkas to conduct a campaign all Democrats can be proud of. Stay out of the mud and make her case why voters should support her,” said Peekskill Deputy Mayor Vivian McKenzie.

The FEC filing for the Farkas expenditure can be found here (Women Vote is an independent expenditure): https://docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/forms/C00473918/1410633/se