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Thank you for your interest in the Digital Ambassador Program — you’re joining a wonderful community of #TeamSchleifer volunteers!

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Here’s how to get started in 5 easy steps:

1.  Every Sunday, the campaign will send you an email with a campaign news, new social media content, new graphics and a digital update.

2.  The campaign will add you to the #TeamSchleifer Leadership Committee Facebook group and Twitter Outreach Lists. We will also provide you with exclusive content to share with your networks! 

3.  Follow @AdamSchleiferNY on Social Media. We are live on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

4.  Post an announcement on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Instagram about supporting Adam (you can find fun graphics below). Tell your friends and followers to follow @AdamSchleiferNY! 

5.  Tell YOUR story! This campaign is about the community and each of you. Let your network know why you’re supporting Adam, what policies mean the most to you, and how his platform represents you.

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